About the Academy : Academy Governance

Governance of the Academy

The Academy is an organization of faculty medical educators at the UMMSM. It is governed by a faculty Director and a faculty Steering Committee all elected from the faculty members of the Academy. The Academy Steering Committee is comprised or seven faculty members elected from and by the general membership of the Academy. The committee members serve two-year staggered terms on the Steering Committee. No more than two (2) members of the Steering Committee may hold the rank of Associate in the Academy. The Steering Committee will elect a Director of the Academy every two (2) years. The Director’s two-year term does not count as time served on the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee will advise the Academy Director, review the annual budget and business plan, approve membership and rank in the Academy, monitor and evaluate member productivity and service to the Academy.

The Academy Director will serve as chairperson of the Steering Committee, establish the priorities for the Academy, establish an annual budget and plan of operations for the Academy, oversee the operations of the Academy, and represent the Academy at institutional and community activities.

The Academy Director, working with the Academy Steering Committee, will develop a plan of operations and budget each year to support the initiatives sponsored by the Academy. The three-year plan is used as a guiding strategy, and is updated annually during the planning and budget process.